Troll finally gets banned

BREAKING NEWS – A Troll was banned from this group! We all know who the Troll was and many of us are happy that the Troll is finally gone. Will that Troll come back under another name? We may never know. What we do know is that we used to have a good discussion going before that Troll came in and ruined it.

Someone was running their mouths a little too hard weren’t they?


“Trolls are horrid, foul creatures.” said Admin Moderator. “Sometimes they are predictable. Certain topics will bring out a Troll almost immediately. Other times the Troll will lay in wait for the perfect time to strike and ruin a good conversation. Troll removal is a constant and sometimes thankless job.”

“This group is so huge that we can not screen out every single member that makes a request to join.” a frustrated Admin Moderator added. “I have some good people helping me with my job, but I am literally outnumbered up to and over a thousand to one when it comes down to it. This group moves so fast it is very hard for me to keep up with every single comment and sometimes I wonder if it is even worth doing this job.”

“I am so glad that Troll has finally been banned.” said Resident Member with a big smile. “This group is a wonderful place to chill out and have some great discussions. I love this group. I don’t always agree with Admin Moderator, but Admin is pretty cool most of the time.”

For the most part many people are glad to see Trolls banned, but not everyone can be made happy when it comes to the swift actions of Admin Moderator.

“I kind of liked that Troll.” said Lurking Member. “That Troll was kind of funny sometimes. I like the way Troll pointed out how faggoty Admin Moderator was. I think you should keep that Troll in this group so I can go back to not participating again.”

Some members become easily confused when Trolls attack.

“Is this how this group is like?” asked New Member. “Because if that’s the way it is going to be in here then I’m going to leave. I have lots of great ideas on how this group needs to function but don’t ask me to do any work towards those goals. Admin Moderator should work hard doing everything I expect or this group isn’t good enough for me.”

“I’m right and you faggots are all WRONG!” said the Troll before being banned. “See how the **Almighty Admin Moderator** treats everyone in here?!?! Admin Moderator doesn’t believe in free speech and needs to shut the fuck up!!!! I know how to deal with assholes like this! If those faggots weren’t so wrong then I wouldn’t be this upset! It was only a picture of a midget she-male having buttsecks with a platypus. Get over it! All of my proof is on this very questionable link I just posted and you are a fucking idiot that needs to die!!!!!!!!!! SHUT UP!!!!!  I blocked Admin Moderator because he doesn’t know how to run this group. I’m sorry that douche bag made me have to defend myself. I don’t like this group anyways and I hate being here but I’ve got more comments to add before I leave in protest and then I will show you ALL!! You will pay you stupid asshole! I got your email address mutherfucker! Stop your filthy lying! You arent dying of lung cancer you little shit of an attention whore! Just wait until you have to ban my sock puppet account as well!!!11!!1!!ELEVENTYONE!!!”


This article was an Absurd Parody Satire

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