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Booger Hook is an Absurd Parody Satire. The stories featured on Booger Hook are either completely fictional or semi-fictional. Any mentions of existing entities or products on this site are for parody, entertainment, and education purposes only. Booger Hook is a not-for-profit personal blog authored by Jeremy Martin. Booger Hook is not intended for readers under 18 years of age.


Jeremy Martin is hopelessly stuck somewhere between Carl Sagan and George Carlin. Jeremy Martin supports Left-libertarianism as well as Philosophical Materialism. Jeremy Martin opposes Right-wing authoritarianism as well as Philosophical Idealism. Jeremy Martin utilizes the absurd, parody, and satire to educate and entertain. Click Here for more…


The views and commentaries expressed on these pages and posts are solely those of their authors and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by Booger Hook management. Booger Hook is an absurd parody satire personal blog of Jeremy Martin. The owner of Booger Hook is not responsible for errors or omissions of commentators, contributing authors, or guest writers. Contributors, guest writers, and those who freely express their views are solely responsible for their own material. Sourced and/or contributed commentary material are the sole responsibility of the source and/or contributor. Jeremy Martin / Booger Hook is not liable for material posted with permission from any other sources. Commentary will be subject to moderation. All commentators and contributors will not hold Jeremy Martin / Booger Hook liable for the content of their comments and contributions.


Booger Hook operates under the “Fair Use” exception that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders for commentary, parody, criticism, and non-profit under 17 U.S.C. § 107.

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